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Farming Project

Farming Project

Commercial experience has encompassed establishing and running businesses from start up, raising and deploying funds for the purchase, expansion and eventual sale of properties.

Historical family of Entrepreneurs building the largest fishing trawler fleet in the United Kingdom.

Extensive knowledge and education (Massey University) in the farming industry across many different areas inclusive of.

  • Sales and Marketing with meat processing companies in Germany.
  • United Kingdom – 400ha large crops and produced 5000 pigs per year. 7 years
  • New Zealand – 540 milking cows, 500 young stock on 340ha.
  • Chaired Large Herds Field Days Committee for International event 2000
  • Traded Stock- 4 years
  • Director of Agricultural training Institute for 3 years in New Zealand
  • Extensive investor experience.

Acquisition, ownership, management, development and running of diverse farming operations, both in NZ and UK with up to 18 employees.

Renewable Energy Conversion Project Malta by Pure AirNergy

Renewable Energy

Conversion Project Malta

It is important that with the conversion project of any complex to Green technologies that all efficiencies are considered, for the greatest benefit both long term and where applicable short term in order to:

  • address the client’s requirements in energy sustainability and environmental harmony;
  • assist the client to address global changes to ‘Green’ building design and retrofitting in line with government regulations;
  • address the benefits to the client for retrofitting in line with carbon taxes and trading, ROI, equity, amortisation and tax benefits; and
  • address Malta’s need to use this project as a flagship project, to aid bringing Malta in line with EU regulations.

We conducted a careful analysis and inititaly selected a supermarket’s conversion concept to showcase the overall potential, using a generic daily power analysis,and for building design and existing technologies, in addition to the careful analysis on a number of leading edge technologies that can be deployed, including:

  • solar power generation
  • insulating technologies
  • SMART lighting technology
  • wind generation and renewable energy generators
  • electrical vehicles

The core solar photo-voltaic technologies currently available are mono/poly-crystalline and thin film amorphous panels. While several others are unique in the market, it is suggested that the mono-crystalline panels are the most advantageous for a Supermarket’s solar power generation. The solar array system being nominated to produce approximately 608MWh to 986MWh per annum, using Helios 250w panels, Helios with St Gobain Glass up to 1,031MWh combined with Solar Edge’s unique tracking power box and inverter system, in an array of 35 rows x 95 panels per row using a low maintenance tracking system.

In parallel with the solar farm, is the insulation of the roof top carpark and other sections of the shopping center with the ‘Insultec’ insulating paint, with the expectation of reducing the building’s heating by the sun and thereby reducing air-conditioning demand by an expected 30% and in certain circumstances can be up to 61% in some commercial building applications, due to Insultec’s unique ability to reflect a proven 85% of solar radiation.

To further reduce the demand on electricity, we retrofit the existing lighting, with a new designed optimised lighting system, the “Smart Poly Optic Fiber Lighting” system, helping reduce electricity used by lighting by up to 60% and eliminating the energy spiking caused by fluorescent lighting and up to 30% of the refrigeration and air-conditioning load.

Furthermore, we deploy the premium world class GreenLand Systems solar airconditioning and solar hot water systems, designed initially by Daimler-Benz, utilizing the sun during the day; air-conditioning is one of the major sources of energy consumption within a commercial building environment.

MDI Compressed Air Energy Storage & Transport Project by Pure AirNergy
Enairys Compressed Air Storage Project by Pure AirNergy

Enairys Compressed Air Storage

Enairys’ Hydro-Pneumatic Energy Storage (HyPES) system is made up of 3 main parts:

A modular storage unit: bundles of high pressure steel cylinders or fibber (carbon or glass) wounded cylinders for the storage of compressed air. The total volume of the storage unit defines the energy capacity of the system (kWh).

A water conditioning unit, which aims at cleaning and maintaining the system’s water at ambient temperature. It comprises a water tank, a water filter and an ambient heat exchanger.

A modular power conversion and management unit, which uses the system’s water to efficiently convert the electric power generated by different types of sources into high pressure air. And, when needed, it efficiently converts back the compressed air into electricity to supply the load or feed the grid. The size of this unit defines the power rating (kW) of the system

The HyPES 25kw/125kwh storage

The storage system has then 2 main parts:

  • Power part: 3-phase inverter/charger, switches, protection, etc. For the studied case, the power rating is ~25kW (~30kVA).
  • Energy part: Batteries bank + BOS, protection, etc. For the studied case, the optimal storage capacity for this part should be ~210kWh with Lithium-ion batteries.

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